We've covered some of the most frequently asked questions below, but if there's something else you want to know we'd be happy to help! Simply contact our team on 5821 3361, visit us in-store or email and we'll answer any queries you may have. We can also arrange one-on-one consultations with our designers in our Fryers St Shepparton and Echuca stores. Please call and we will arrange a time to suit.

Why do some diamonds sparkle more than others?
We're sure at this point you’ve either been told about the 4Cs or read about them online. Ultimately the Sparkle of each Diamond is a unique outcome of the cutter’s ability to optimise the brilliance of the Diamond crystal paying attention to all of the 4Cs. The finer the grade or ‘make’ of the stone the brighter it will shine and the higher its value. Pop into your local Stephens Jewellers and we can easily demonstrate this for you. We also have a terrific booklet available to help better understand Diamond quality and value. Our goal is always to provide the best quality to suit any budget

I’ve been looking for my perfect ring for ages but can’t really find exactly what I’m looking for. What should I do?
Buying an engagement ring is a very personal expression of love and everyone wants something a little unique. Once we understand the design elements that are important to you and your partner we can work through the selection process. Often we will have the design you’re looking for in store and simply need to make a few customisation adjustments. Alternatively our design selection images will help stimulate the process but ultimately our experienced diamond consultants will listen carefully to your needs and help bring your dream design to reality.

I want to surprise my partner with an engagement ring, I know the styles she likes but not sure about her finger size. How can I keep it a surprise but not get it all wrong?
Rest assured, we are very used to keeping a secret and will always be able help fine tune your surprise purchase with you and your partner once you’ve given the ring. Our experienced consultants are here to help bring your thoughts on design to reality without concerns.

We found the perfect ring design online but it looks pretty expensive. Can we still achieve this look to match our budget?
Stephens Jewellers design team can bring your dream ring design to life at a very affordable price range. Often ring designs found online or admired on celebrities will feature large or unique centre stones. Once we understand the look you want to achieve and your budget we can access the best value Diamonds or Coloured stones both within Australia and our global diamond supply network.

We want to shop locally but we also want to create something a bit different and be confident we are getting good value, how can we achieve this?
The diamond market has changed a lot over recent years, we source diamonds direct from international diamond merchants, so great value is guaranteed. Making an appointment in our Shepparton or Echuca consulting suit is a great way to manage your privacy. Our buying power and custom design services ensure you have access to exceptional value and the very latest in jewellery design trends. Confidentiality is guaranteed and we support each ring design with an independent valuation.

I would love to incorporate my Grans engagement ring and anniversary band into my engagement ring, it means so much to me, is this possible and does it cost more to do this?
We understand the importance a family heirloom brings to a couples wedding and engagement celebration and regularly restore original designs to their former beauty or integrate them into a new modern design. The starting point is an inspection of the goods to determine what condition the stones and metals are in and from there we work with you on the best options available.

We bought this engagement ring whilst on holidays overseas, can you design a wedding band to suit it for us?
The majority of our jewellery repair and manufacturing is completed in our Shepparton facility and generally speaking we can adjust ring sizes or create complimentary wedding band designs without too much difficulty. If you are thinking of buying a design overseas it’s always important to keep it simple especially shoulder work as the more complex the higher the risk in years to come.

There are so many men’s wedding band designs out there and it's quite confusing - where should I start?
We understand your situation, it’s fantastic just how many options are available for men’s engagement and wedding bands now compared to only 5 years ago. Our suggestion is to start by working out whether his ring will be worn every day or due to work situations only on special occasions. There are many very durable metal choices available and we can create the same design in various metals. We have access to all men’s wedding band collections with simple digital tools in store to browse, so a consultation with one of our specialist consultants is a great starting point.