These precious and sought-after diamonds come from the Argyle diamond mine which is owned by Rio Tinto and located in the remote East Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

The Argyle diamond mine has to date produced more than 800 million carats of diamonds. It is the world’s largest producer of natural coloured diamonds, including white, champagne, cognac, blue as well as the very rare pink diamond, which has become Argyle’s signature stone and is coveted by diamond experts and collectors globally.

Stephen’s Jewellers has access to a myriad of Argyle diamond supplies across many colours including white, cognac and the coveted pinks. Read on to learn about our offering of Argyle diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine.



Less than 1% of the mines production were pink and having exhausted economical production ceased operations in November 2020 making the already rare and coveted pink diamonds even more in demand resulting in their value significantly increasing year on year.


Pink diamonds have a strong history of long term growth where other investments, including gold, have seen price drops’ pink diamonds have seen consistent growth, even during periods of great financial uncertainty. Pink diamonds average 10-12% annual growth as reported by Fancy Colour Research Foundation (FCRF).

*Stephens Jewellers is not a financial adviser and as such recommend all prospective consumers to seek professional guidance from your financial adviser before investing in pink diamonds.

Argyle Diamonds Limited's colour guide.

Each diamond is unique, therefore Argyle have provided a comprehensive guide to help identify each diamond colour grade. But due to their uniqueness these grades are representative only, colours will still vary within the categories. There are three factors considered when looking at the colour of a pink diamond, they are the diamonds hue, tone and saturation.


Hue refers to the dominantcolour of the diamond.


Tone refers to the amount of lightnessor darkness in the diamond.


Saturation which is the strengthor intensity of the hue.


All of our pink diamonds come with a gem identification and authenticity document. This report identifies a unique lot number and details the diamonds carat weight, shape, clarity and colour. This report guarantees the authenticity of your pink diamond.

All of our pink diamonds mine 0.08ct and above are also laser inscribed with its own unique Argyle Lot Number which corresponds to its gem identification authenticity report. This unique identification number inscribed into the diamond along side the identification report verifies the chain of custody that the diamond has come from the mine to the customers hands, so you can purchase with confidence.


Every Dreamtime diamond is earthed carefully from the diamond mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. These stones are truly one of a kind. They vary in colour and represent the warm colours and rich mythology of the Australian land. They are all tracked from the ground they came from, so you know absolutely that they are natural and untreated Australian stones.

Knowing you have something from Australia that has been in creation for millions of years, and specifically from the Kimberley region - that makes owning one of these pieces really special


Each Dreamtime diamonds piece is accompanied with an authenticity card which guarantees that the diamond you have purchased is a natural diamond in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Each diamond has been tracked from the mine through a Chain of Warranty so you can be assured that you have purchased a genuine Australian diamond.


Our white diamonds are available starting from 0.30 carats, each stone is accompanied with an authenticity card and a GIA certificate so you can be assured you have purchased a genuine Australian diamond.